Awards made at Dakota State University/Madison, SD site Global Game Jam 2009


Team awards:

       Award                            Winner                           Comments

            Crazy Zoo Animal Ninja Team        Naj Nin                      hacky sack, t-shirt ninja headcoverings, party boy, …

            Bearly Missed a Beat                       WalvusVonDood        Best organized, smoothest process

            Money in the Bank                            WalvusVonDood        game & team really pulled together well & delivered

            Lighten up & play more                    Everdarker                 Very serious about their game effort, least rambunctious

            Most Time & Schedule Challenged SON@R                      was there *ever* a time the whole team was together?      


Individual awards:

            All Business Pixel Goddess              Michelle Davis           unusually effective & productive creation of pixel art assets
                                                                        Natasha Nichols                  

            Show Me the Money                         Cody Thaler               professional contributions to team and game development
                                                                        Brian Albers

            Time Lord                                          Bryce Foscheim         fewest minutes away from site (0) or unconscious (~3 hours)

            Dog-Tired                                          Steve Graham           site organizer (self-awarded!)



Game Awards:

       Award                            Winner                           Comments

            Best Game & Best Game Play          WalvusVonDood        Narwhal 2: Revenge of the Whale

            Best Background Art                      Naj Nin                      Geezer vs Ninja

            Best Game Mechanic                       SON@R                      echolocation in SON@R     

            Best Unrealized Concept                 Everdarker                 multiplayer interaction planned for Everdarker


Game Award Honorable Mentions:

            Game Play                                          Naj Nin                      Geezer  vs Ninja

            Background Art                                WalvusVonDood        Narhwal 2: Revenge of the Whale

            Game Effect                                     WalvusVonDood        drowning npcs/characters

            Game Effect                                     WalvusVonDood        buoyancy model

Other awards:

            Best re-conceptualization               Pat                              (of bugs as features)                                             

            Sickest                                               Dana                           (and missing parts of an “awesome” weekend)

            Best prepared for zombie attack  Joe                              chainmail!

            Most Hacky Sack                             Bryce & Joe

            Best unconscious sound effects     Brian

            Most obsessed with lobsters          team WalvusVonDood

Judging & Prizes

I did not have a judging committee, so I bear the blame for these awards.  

I did solicit suggestions from participants. (This is where the term “pixel goddess” came from; Michelle Davis’ nametag morphed into that by a teammate.) The “Other Awards” were based on participant input.

 The prizes were obtained with the help and collaboration of the DSU Bookstore (their clearance section), and some award/names were determined after the fact, based on prizes obtained.

Prizes:                                         award name

-          Game awards                              =          to be determined

-          stuffed zoo animals                  =          crazy-zoo-animal ninja team

-          stuffed bears                            =         bearly missed a beat

-          piggy banks                                 =          money in the bank

-          small clocks & calendars           =          most time & schedule challenged

-          shot glasses & playing cards     =          lighten up & play more

-          large clock                                  =          time lord

-          money clips                                  =          show me the money

-          business card holders                =          all business pixel goddess

-          stuffed dog                                =          dog-tired