I'm working on DSU's Computer Game Design degree and courses, primarily with Jeff Howard and Glenn Berman

I'm working with DSU's Dr. Krebsbach, and SDSU's Judy Vondruska and George Hamer on the vDUSEL project. See

I'm working on a project to apply ontologies to education, specifically physics education and to work on mapping information between one ontology and another. The focus of my interest right now is CL (Common Logic) which has recently been standardized (ISO) and provides a rich framework for defining ontologies.

I'm working with University of Massachusetts-Lowell's Dr. Xinwen Fu on a variety of projects related to security and privacy. These involve the performance of anonymous communications systems and ways of enabling traceback in such systems as well as examining ways to determine users' locations using their wireless communications.

(I am no longer working on this project.) I'm part of the SDeHC effort, with Dorine Bennett, Dan Friedrich, Joyce Havlik, working to facilitate the development of eHealth initiatives in SD, especially electronic exchange of information. This is a followup to the SDEHRA project I worked on with (mostly) the same group.

(finished) I've been part of a task force on building a research culture at DSU -- this has resulted in both student and faculty research initiatives for the coming year.

OpenProblems (formerly called CoCOA - Cooperative Computer-based Open Assessment)

DUAL - Design Using Alternative Languages

(out of date) DUSEL - Coordinator for (a small part of the) Outreach & Education for Homestake Mine DUSEL effort


(finished) KDOT (two project)


Work w/ Dr. Xinwen Fu (camoflage/anonymity)

Work on Network Security Ontology (similar to KDOT ontology project) -- focused on using semantic information to merge diverse information resources to help identify false-positives in network security monitoring tools.

Quantum Algorithms

See also: SkgProjects