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Prairie Pasque of Madison, SD #1072


"It's Fun to Search and a Joy to Find"

The Questers is an international study club which was founded in 1944 by Jessie Elizabeth Bardens. Its major objectives are to stimulate an appreciation of antiques and their collection; and to encourage the preservation and restoration of existing historical landmarks.  The motivating principles of the organization are to be found in the following words from Mrs. Bardens:

"Antiques are part of human history, a tangible record of the things of everyday living. A fascinating hobby, the study of antiques gives the most pleasure to those who strive to learn all they can about where, when, why and how they were made. Through discovery and knowledge of antiques, we may bring the past to life and profit by the experiences of previous generations."

Quester Colors:  Blue and Gold

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Founder's Award Topic
"Healing Springs of Arkansas"


International Convention

May 3-5, 2013 in Rogers, Arkansas
Embassy Suites

April 25-27, 2014 in Grand Rapids, MI
Amway Grand Plaza

2015 in Princeton, New Jersey

2016 in Iowa


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Quester Quarterly

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