South Dakota Questers

State Preservation and Restoration

Grant Application

(Updated September 2008)



To Apply:

South Dakota Quester chapters interested in applying for state preservation and restoration grant funds should examine the attached guidelines prior to submitting grant applications.


Four (4) of the completed grant application should be submitted to the chair of the South Dakota P&R Committee according to these guidelines:

Contact information for the P&R Committee chair is published in the Ring-Necked Flyer.  The chair of the South Dakota P&R Committee is responsible for:

A stamped postcard, addressed to the chapterís P&R liaison, should be included with the grant application.  This postcard will be returned to the chapter liaison upon receipt of the grant application by the State P&R chair.  It serves as the chapterís notification that the grant application has been received.  If the postcard is not returned to the chapterís P&R liaison, the chapter is responsible for follow-up with the state P&R chair.


Sponsoring chapters may request financial support in the range from $500 (minimum) to $5,000 (maximum).  The grant application must provide details on the specific project to be funded.  For example, the request might be $500 to replace wallpaper in the front foyer of the Peabody Museum or $5,000 to repair murals on the first floor of the South Dakota Capital Building.  When the total cost of the project exceeds $5,000, the project should be broken down into phases, with additional grant applications submitted for those phases in subsequent years.


Funded projects must be completed within one year.  If, for some reason, the project will not be completed by the deadline, the sponsoring chapter must file a formal request for an extension. 


Chapters who have sponsored a project that has not yet been completed (i.e., has been extended beyond the one-year deadline) may not sponsor grant applications or apply for additional funds for a related project until the pending project is completed.


A summary report of completed grant projects must be submitted to the South Dakota Executive Board at the time of completion and a summary of the project will be published in the next edition of the Ring-Necked Flyer.


A summary of all submitted applications shall be published annually in the Ring-Necked Flyer


The grant application must include the section headings listed below and each section must include the information requested below.


Cover Sheet:

The cover sheet is intended to provide information on the Quester chapter(s) sponsoring the grant application.  A sample cover sheet is included as Appendix A of this document.


Grant Application:

Part 1:  Description of Project

At a minimum, this section must include:


Part 2:  Quester Involvement

At a minimum, this section must include:


If other chapters are involved with the project and/or are also sponsoring the grant application, this same information should be provided for all involved chapters.


Part 3:  Budget / Financial Statements

At a minimum, this section must include:


Part 4:  Quester Recognition

At a minimum, this section must include:


Part 5:  Project Contacts

At a minimum, this section must include:


State P&R Guidelines

Updated September 2008

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