Comics, Storyboards and Videos

The chp 6 quiz has been combined with eight questions that review the impact of graphic novels on learning by Dr. Meryl Jaffe. The Jaffe webinar is 22 minutes, and can be reviewed here:

or directly on Vimeo here:

The title of the webinar is Graphic Novels, Prose and the CCSS: Pairing Print and Non-Print media promoting multiple literacies for 21st century learners.

Example of informative Graphic Narrative - Henry Ford and the 5 day work week

Presentation slides

Archive of VSTE presentation in Adobe Connect (requires Flash)

Daishaw Video

Anderson video on Caring

Example of Movie

Movie example in storyboard format

Indiana Jones and the Well of Souls, from a fourth grader's perspective

Rocks and Minerals via the Fantastic Four's Thing

Corliss - Investigations

DeKamm - Verb Tense

Zombie Apocalypse and the CDC

Phin and Ferb Watercycle Comic

Buzz Lightyear Planets

Interactions of Life

How to sew a button comic

Comic Life in Education.pdf

McCloud -Visual Revolution

Kindness Matters - WebKinz example

Alphabet in Xtranormal

Collaborative Planning in Xtranormal - Verse Structure

Joe Dockery on Photoshop and Comics

Sailor Man video - Example of Lit2Go story converted to video

From the Choice Literacy Archives, Terry Thompson has a playful take on how teachers can get started with using graphic novels in their classrooms: 
Terry also shares reasons why graphic novels are a valuable component of classroom libraries in a guest post on Donalyn Miller's Education Week blog: 
In a new podcast, Paul Hankins discusses his favorite books and activities for adolescent readers: 
The Graphic Novel Reporter is a terrific online newsmagazine with the latest reviews, releases, and author interviews:


Sys WebKinz example


Drug Free


Ch2 A Visual History.doc


Ch4-Leveraging Learning from Comics and graphic novels into effective video production.doc

ch5-Creating a video in your own classroom.doc

Chp 6 Visual Assessments

Chp 7 Using Graphic Novels and Visual Tools in the Core Content Areas.doc